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Navajo Man

Meet “Navajo Man,” Lawrence Crank, descendant of Huskeniene (he who passes on harsh wisdom). Huskeniene was a prominent Navajo medicine man who lived in Kayenta and Monument Valley, Arizona in the late 1800’s. Lawrence’s father and grandfather were also healers. Lawrence himself is a healer of sorts, with his uplifting personality. While recently touring northern…

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Clin d’oeil

Denis Bouvier would like to give a nod (clin d’oeil) to street photographer Fred Herzog with this photo reminiscent of a scene Herzog might have photographed. The elderly gentleman in black and white seems to be from a bygone era wearing his formal clothes and gloves while viewing the colourful modern life on Granville Street…

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The White Sentinel

It’s a rare occurrence to view Mount Baker’s splendor apparent in the background of this picture. Located east of Bellingham, Washington, in Whatcom County, this massive peak can be viewed from the Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle areas. Its First Nations names have variations sounding like “Kulshan.” Many First Nations people believe “Kulshan” means a kind…

By Denis Bouvier

Billowing Beauty

World–renowned artist Janet Echelman has coloured Vancouver’s waterfront with a billowing beauty. This incredible net sculpture that spans 745 feet is suspended between the rooftops of the Fairmount Waterfront Hotel and the Vancouver Convention Centre. It is her largest and most technically ambitious installation to date. It is made from Honeywell Spectra fibre, a lightweight…

Dancers from the Guangdong Modern Dance Company.  | Photo courtesy of the Vancouver International Dance Festival

Cultural Calendar

The snow is melting and the weather is pleasant – so what excuse is there to not get out and do something fun? Treat yourself to a classical concert at the Vancouver Symphony Opera or explore the architecture of Daniel Evan White at the Museum of Vancouver. If you like to explore, come learn more…

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Flamborough Head

Andrew Wallace began building wooden fish boats in 1894 in False Creek. He established Wallace Shipyards in 1905 and the following year moved his operation to the North Shore, to what is now the area just east of Lonsdale Quay between Waterfront Park and St. George’s Ave. In 1921, Wallace Shipyards was renamed Burrard Dry…

Rande Cook, Vatican Mask, 2010. Ceder acrylic paint. | Courtesy of the artist.

Vatican Mask

Vatican Mask is one work from Urban Thunderbirds / Ravens in a Material World, a unique, bold and beautiful exhibition of contemporary First Nations art at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.