Systema: The Russian martial art

When you think of martial arts, you may think of karate or taekwondo but you may not have heard of Systema. As a holistic martial art, Systema does not focus on teaching specific skills or techniques but is comprised of principles and concepts to strengthen the spirit as well as the body. Systema is a…

Team revives the spirit and sportsmanship of the Asahi

From 1914 to 1941, the Vancouver Asahi, a baseball team composed of Japanese-Canadian immigrants, thrilled Vancouverites with their unique playing style, teamwork and sportsmanship. They were the only ethnic baseball team to play in the Vancouver senior leagues and won ten city championships in their 27-year history. When World War II broke out, the team…

Breakneck race pedals into Burnaby

As the FIFA Women’s World Cup comes to an end, Burnaby locals can look forward to another world-class sporting event right in their own backyard as pro cyclists take to the city streets July 16 for this year’s Giro di Burnaby. The proliferation of cycling clubs, races, tours and other biking events now includes everything…

Sit-skiing frees wheelchair-bound snow lovers

Grouse Mountain’s Skyride spits out its human cargo of about one hundred skiers and snowboarders, excited about the 27 centimeters of freshly fallen snow. Snow and wind blow into their faces as they exit the tram and fasten their skis.

Eastern workouts pump body and mind

For everyone who believes in new years resolutions, one that almost always makes the top of the list is to get in shape. For those considering a new workout routine, it’s important to consider that popular choices of physical activity in the city such as yoga, tai chi and gym workouts, offer different benefits for the body.