‘Islamophobia is intertwined with sexism’

Canada, often regarded as an inclusive, multicultural haven, has increasingly been the scene of a series of hate crimes against Muslims. This Islamophobia is concerning and based on misperceptions about Muslim people, according to Itrath Syed, PhD candidate in the School of Communication at SFU. She will give a public lecture on Gendered Islamophobia and Muslim…

Weaving ancient arts with modern technology

Kaija Rautiainen, a long-time weaver and native of Finland, is one of the artists who will be returning to the Eastside Culture Crawl to showcase her work. She will also be taking part in this year’s juried exhibition Hanging by a Thread, at The Cultch theatre, which explores the infinite possibilities of thread as a…

Photo courtesy of Italian Day Festival Society

Italians continue to drive history

On Sunday, June 10, “Little Italy” on Commercial Drive will spring to life in an extravaganza of food, music, dance, art, sport, and entertainment. “This is an opportunity,” Brunella Gaudio of the Italian Day Festival Society says, “to revive and remind people of the Italian heritage and culture in Vancouver, and to recognize the accomplishments of the new generation of Italian-Canadians.” [Read more…]