The Wonder That Is Ours

Picture by Denis Bouvier

Picture by Denis Bouvier


I never tire of being reminded of the beauty of our city. And this picture just adds to my amazement. The man in the right foreground is truly standing on the edge of magnificence. How few cities in the world can move us to experience what is extraordinary in life and nature in such a unique way.

We are viewing a seascape and a very modern skyline in North Vancouver against a backdrop of spectacular mountains and foreboding, constantly changing clouds. The view has the drama of a futuristic film drawing us not only to what we can physically see, but inspiring us to wonder what is beyond those mountains, what direction will our future take?

The tables with the heaters beside them look somewhat alien and, along with the lone man, seem to be bearing witness to this awesome beauty.

Just outside the West Building of the Vancouver Convention Centre, all of what this area offers is available for public enjoyment, not only for Vancouverites, but for the multitude of people from around the world who visit our city.