For Your Interest: Scott Galloway – The Smart Professor. Real Intelligence.

Scott Galloway. Professor NYU Stern School of Business | Courtesy: nyusternmbaadmissions.

Scott Galloway is a marketing professor at NYU’s
Stern School of Business.
Smart, brassy and so well informed, these are
the classes you wish you took when you were
in university.
More than just another very smart guy, you can
add Wall St banker and venture capitalist to his
list of credits
What makes the professor really special is his
knowledge of the internet as a marketplace.
In 2017, he sold his digital intelligence marketing
firm, L2 Inc, for $155 million USD.
Few people have as firm a grip on the trends
behind data, moving goods & services on the
web and how to share the business
If you want to know the best way to operate online,
Scott Galloway is a good guy to pay attention to.
In this 2018 YouTube video from his Winners
and Losers series (RIP),

Prof G opened up the analytics text book and
broke down the numbers, the cash flows and
the data behind Instagram and the Influencer
For those listening carefully and taking notes, it
was the usual A1 useful and rewarding lesson.
Since then, Toyota (TYO) shares have moved from
$130- $134 USD per share, and Nike (NKE) from
$53 – $106 USD.

Tuition at NYU is $76,780 a year.
You can find Professor G on business and conference
shows all over the internet, except CNBC where he is
Grade: The real deal.
Follow Scott Galloway: @profgalloway

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