For Your Interest: Harris Faulkner. A Rising Star. Real Talent. Real Work.

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Harris Faulkner sounds like the name of an English
school boy or a middle-aged man. It could also be an
unusual name for a girl. Different,
but not extra special.
Plenty of women have male
sounding names. In this
case, what is unique is that Harris Faulkner 
is the name
of a black woman. What’s very different 
is she’s also an
anchor for 
Fox News.

Harris Faulkner. Photo: Glen Nall

The same Fox News known as the media home of
right-wing bias and an uncomfortable place to be
if you are not white and male.
To put it politely, it is a difficult work environment if
you use makeup or think that all people are equal.
Harris Kimberley Faulkner joined the network in
She’s been around the news and current affairs for
a while.
Recently, she had some free advice for Republicans
and Democrats on Kanye West in advance of the
2020 election.
Before you write her off as just a token face and voice,
take a minute to note that this is someone who knows
a thing or two about winning.
Since she started as a journalist at LA Weekly, Faulkner
has received six Emmys for her reporting and
It might seem like a stretch to call a person who has
been on the air for 15+ years a rising star, but it is
true. It’s also true to say her journey has not been a
fast or free ride.
Her rise has been the old fashioned mixture of talent,
hard work and staying power.
HKF started her career at Fox on the ground floor of
network television, otherwise known as the weekend
Six years later, she earned a move up to her own
weekday show. A full nine more years on, Harris
Faulkner is now further up the TV ladder…headlining as
the lead name in prime-time specials, the anchor of
her own Monday to Friday daytime show and co-anchor
of another.
Along the way, she found the time to sit down and write
two books, one of which is a best seller.

All the signs are pointing in the right direction for her.
The top team at Fox Corp (FOXA – NASDAQ) and Fox
News Media think she is the right person…at the
right time.
Not really a hard decision. HKF’s shows regularly beat
the competition and are frequently at or near the top of
the U.S. daytime cable news race.
On any given afternoon, her face appears daily in more

than 1.7 million homes.

You can watch Harris Faulkner from Mon-Fri on Fox News.
12 – 2pm EST.
Her best selling book, 9 Rules Of Engagement: A Military
Brat’s Guide to Life and Success, is available on Amazon
and Kindle.

Rating:  A woman of substance.
Follow Harris Faulkner: @HARRISFAULKNER

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