For Your Interest: Emma Chamberlain. The Internet Star. The Entertainer.

Image: YouTube. Photo: Simon Chek. Emma Chamberlain. Pics Art

Emma Chamberlain is famous. Very famous.
It’s a level of fame that allows her to sell branded T-shirts,
hoodies and merchandise, release her own special blend
of coffee and buy herself a 4075 sq ft house in West
It is the kind of 21st Century fame which is created on and

made possible by the internet.

If you do not know who Emma Chamberlain is, you are either
over 20 years old…or don’t spend much time online.
For the record, Emma Frances Chamberlain was born in
2001 in San Bruno, California. She grew up in San Mateo
County, attended Central Middle school in San Carlos and
spent her high school years at Notre Dame, an all girls
Catholic high school.

The first line of her Wikipedia profile notes her occupation
as a “YouTuber.” That’s not quite correct.
Emma is a YouTube star.
She is one of a few people on the video streaming site that
has millions of people around the world who regularly and
loyally watch her videos.
Currently, Emma has 9.3 million subscribers to her YouTube
channel, which makes her footprint on the platform bigger
than Mercedes Benz, Heinz Foods and Sony Music
Emma Chamberlain Social Media by the numbers:
Instagram: 10.2 million.    Twitter: 3.7 million (followers)

TikTok: 7.7 million.            Pinterest: 294,194

In the see-and-be-seen culture of social media,YouTube is
where the most glamour, internet status and rewards are to
be found. It is also the space where Emma Chamberlain
Emma is the star and focus of her videos.
She films and shows the events of her daily life in a clean,
straightforward way. There are few complicated scripts and
only a handful of fancy locations.
In the videos, she is raw and unchecked. Often burping,
swearing loudly, changing moods, pausing awkwardly, shifting
ideas and thoughts on a dime.


The plotlines are quite basic and very normal. Emma cooks
dinner. Emma dyes her hair. Emma goes thrift shopping. Emma
drives around Los Angeles.
What makes them so watchable and entertaining is her editing
style, her bold, funny personality and a blunt honesty which is
rare in the carefully made up world of social media and
She is also a natural on camera, and has that special star quality
of making ordinary activities somehow seem interesting.
Her life is not all AdSense revenue, Southern California sunshine,
flowers and rainbows.
She has not been shy about sharing her emotional struggles

and mental setbacks.

Emma was late to the YouTube party. She posted the first video
to her channel in 2017.
Like many “creators“ before her, the views were low and after
posting over a dozen videos she had collected only 50
It all changed in 2018 when one video went viral and was
shared all over the world. After that, she began to attract up to
100,000 subscribers a month.
During one stretch, her channel grew by a million people every
30 days.
Her quirky humour, bold presence and life-as-an-open-book
click with legions of people from India to Peru who find her
authentic and very relatable.

  Surfing the web: YouTube by the numbers: 
– 2 billion active monthly users.   70% of traffic – mobile devices.
– 5 billion videos watched/day.     68% of US women use YouTube.
– 2nd most visited website.           2019 revenue $15.1 billion USD.
– Available in 100+ countries.       31+ million YouTube channels.
Source: Omnicore Agency.


With success often comes more success. Today her videos
regularly rack up millions of views each. In the past two years,
Emma has either won or been nominated for a string of web
awards, including Breakout Creator, Creator of the Year, YouTuber
of the Year and Breakout YouTuber of the Year.
Big name partners and advertisers have noticed her rise and come
knocking to share in the stardust and ride the wave, among them

Vogue, Calvin Klein and Louis Vuitton.

One internet secret which nobody tells you about YouTube is that
it is not a place for the lazy.
From the outside, it seems easy. Shoot a video, post it and you’re
The truth is it is hard work.
The 10 – 20 minutes you see onscreen are the result of hours of
effort. Reviewing film, tweaking, adding effects and making changes
is a hands-on, exhausting, drawn out affair. It can take Emma
20-30 hours to edit a single video.

At this point, EFC seems set for even greater popularity and
recognition. Because of the nature of the internet, her fame is not
limited to one region or part of the world. Her reach and stardom
are global.

Emma Chamberlain’s new podcast is called Anything Goes.
Available on and Spotify.
10 packets of her chocolate, cherry and nut flavour coffee are
$20 USD each. For order at

Follow Emma. Twitter: @emmachamberlain
Instagram: @emmachamberlain

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