For the Record: Preserving our stories for future generations

From the Ukrainian and Gaza-Israeli conflicts and the terror attacks in Nigeria to the mass murders in Mexico and the protests against police impunity in the United States, 2014 has been an eventful year of political, social and cultural upheaval, whose consequences will no doubt reverberate for years to come. Should we remember 2014 as…

Canadian artists at the UN say,
“No to FGM”

Female genitalia mutilation (FGM) rituals wound not just the young girl they are performed on, but also can tear at a nation’s basic social foundation. International Women’s Day is March 8, and reminds people about the struggles in seeking justice for both women and girls. But this year, a ground-breaking UN art show revealed the…

Blueprints for greening Vancouver

Population concentration into Vancouver’s urban setting has many developers and city officials vying to create a sustainable green atmosphere over the current cement jungle.