Occupy Vancouver

The Vancouver kiss

In the middle of June, a time when the weather was hot, I was listening to Amy Winehouse at the corner of two Parisian avenues. I stopped in a kiosk, because in Paris, newspapers are sold in kiosks and not in big green or grey boxes. It is not often, frankly, that the French press cares about Vancouver. Since the Olympics, we had no news. But then, several weekly and daily newspapers were going over the same picture in their ‘picture of the week’ or ‘story of the week’ section: le baiser de Vancouver (the Vancouver kiss). [Read more…]


Behind this facade at Bidwell and Davie, a 21 storey tower, the Alexandra, will soon be constructed. The tower greatly exceeds the usual height and density allowed in the area, but the developer has been able to circumvent the zoning by-laws due to the City of Vancouver’s STIR program – designed “to develop new rental housing stock in the short-term to assist with housing affordability.” [Read more…]