Society promotes multiculturalism for almost 40 years

Established in 1974, the Vancouver Multicultural Society is the longest serving agency in British Columbia with the sole purpose of promoting multiculturalism. The agency acts as a base for ethno-cultural groups and organizations to come together and engage in dialogue. The society currently consists of a multitude of non-governmental organizations, ethno-cultural groups, private companies, as well as individuals. Their goal is to advance multiculturalism, social justice and anti-racism. [Read more…]

Unexpected surprises

More than anything, I wished to move to an English speaking country for a year, to become bilingual and work in my field, which is accounting. In France, during a job fair, I found an organization offering to their members to enroll in a paying language school in Vancouver for six months, and to be allowed to work in Canada, evenings or on weekends coupled with work experience in my field for the following six months. [Read more…]

Diary of a reporter in Burkina Faso

Annick Forest’s fondest memory of her time in Burkina Faso was the occasion she visited Yokuna with a theatre troupe. The journey took her across the countryside and along rustic roads. Fields of cotton, millet, and corn paved the way to the tiny village where the actors, members of REVS+, a Burkinabe AIDS group, were scheduled to perform. She described Yokuna in an interview with The Source as a place where time seemingly stood still. [Lire la suite…]