From Prince George to Surrey

Last February I moved to Surrey immediately after graduating from the University of Victoria in order to start up a new business –Class Act Painters. I had a hell of a time, for two reasons. One, because starting a new business is a lot of work, and two, because living in Surrey is … well, it’s living in Surrey. I find Surrey to be much like a larger version of Prince George, where I grew up, except it’s easier to leave. [Read more…]

Opposition to pipelines through B.C. continues

Potential oil pipeline expansions continue to raise concerns

With the United States’ recent rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline, the debate around the construction and expansion of oil pipelines in B.C. has seen renewed vigour. Enbridge’s proposal to build the Northern Gateway project, which would see a twin pipeline running from Bruderheim, Alta. to the coastal city of Kitimat, B.C., would help expand Canada’s current oil exports to a growing Asian market. According to Greenpeace Canada, however, the potential environmental costs would far outweigh any benefits. [Read more…]

Karla Berenice García Ramírez

Spinning the wheel of conscience Mexican journalist appeals to stay in Canada

At this time last year, a memorial was unveiled at Halifax’s Pier 21 to mark the spot where the M.S. St. Louis would have docked in 1939, offering 907 German Jews security on Canadian soil. “Would have” are the key words. Canada turned the ship away, refusing entry to the passengers onboard. Of the 907 Jews returning to an uncertain fate in Europe, 254 did not survive the Holocaust. The memorial, appropriately called The Wheel of Conscience, is meant to shed light on a dark corner of Canadian history. [Read more…]

Photo by Denis Bouvier

Twinned Towers

Taken from Nelson and Richards St., this picture presents 3 iconic buildings in Vancouver. In the foreground we have part of the Robson Square Complex built in the 70’s. The 2 towers in the background which are the main focus of this picture are the Electra on the left and the Patina on the right. What’s remarkable about this photo is that it makes 2 buildings appear to be side by side and the same height. However, the Electra has 21 storeys compared with the Patina’s 42 storeys, and they are on opposite sides of the street. [Read more…]