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The Source is a forum for diversity – the very foundation of the paper – it encourages the development of new ideas and ways of thinking. With ease The Source plays a leadership role within Vancouver’s complex intercultural communication network, as nowhere else in the world can you find a city more inclined to experiment with the idea of multicultural harmony. Genuine in its wish to assist communities, whose origins are often wildly different, to understand and communicate with one another, The Source actively participates and sponsors major events throughout the city.

In publication since June 2, 1999, The Source is sold by subscription or can be picked up at independently owned cafes, community centers and public libraries throughout the lower mainland. Our readership extends north to Whistler, south to White Rock, and as far east as Hope. You may also join readers from all over the world by subscribing to the online version of The Source at

“We invite all people from various walks of life to share their stories, ideas and comments”- Your local diversity newspaper that thrives on the passion of making people belong.