Love Letter to the Philippines

Dear Philippines,
This wasn’t my first visit and it won’t be the last, but this is the first time I actually tried to explore this country and approach it with foreign eyes.

Winter Farmers Market

The winter market near Nat Bailey Stadium, running until April 27, is a great place to meet your neighbours, have a coffee and buy locally made food and goods.

Diverse views of Gastown

Gastown is Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhood. It is home to many bars, businesses, shops and restaurants. The diversity of the neighbourhood has contributed to it becoming a tourist’s delight as they search for souvenirs, art, and snap a quick picture.

The camera is turned around on photographer Jan Hilario as she plays the charango, an Andean string instrument.


Photographer Jan Hilario is somewhere in South East Asia. Before heading over the Pacific ocean, Hilario wrapped up her time in the Americas by hitting the beaches and streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

These pictures are meant to highlight polar opposite aspects of Brazil that make up one of the most diverse countries in the world.

International Village

International village is where east meets west – literally and metaphorically. Located at 88 West Pender Street, it sits at the centre of the city; dividing the downtown core and East Vancouver. Metaphorically it has combined the flavours of Asia with Chinese and Japanese stores, and Western culture represented by a movie theatre, fast food restaurants and big name coffee shops. Ana Chi takes a look at what a rainy day at International Village looks like.

Photo Mosaic

South America

From Peru, Jan Hilario sent the Source Newspaper a visual update of her travels. Hilario left Vancouver on April 2. She doesn’t plan to return until hitting the majority of our globe and has seven months left on this self-imposed one-year-tour.