Career mentorship program bridges employment gap in Canadian immigration system

Vancouver needs skilled labour from abroad, but once workers arrive, they need local support to be successful. As Paul Mochrine, general manager of human resources for the City of Vancouver says, “Canada’s future prosperity is highly dependent on attracting talented, motivated immigrants and supporting their integration into our labour market. Particularly for a city that…

Immigrant job hunt may be hard, but it gets better

Navigating the treacherous seas of the job market is difficult for anyone, much less someone new to the country. As an immigrant herself, Nerella Campigotto, a specialist in international business and intercultural communication with over 20 years of experience, understands the challenges that many newcomers face in the job market. “For a lot of professionals,…

Interview with an immigrant success story

Prospective immigrants have it tough. They must make the difficult decision to migrate, perform research about their destination, and tie up loose ends in their home country before departing. Adding to this difficult and expensive process is the act of moving itself. It is no wonder that many people are turning to others for help.

Iryna Nikitinska

Canada frees artists to pursue their creative dreams

One day my husband bought me paint and an easel,” says Iryna Nikitinska on first taking up art in Canada. “The same day my children asked me to draw a dragon.” Nikitinska and her family moved to Vancouver from Ukraine in 2002.Although she had always been interested in drawing, she did not feel she could be an artist in Ukraine.

The British Columbian flag incorporates the British flag in its design. Photo by Scazon, Flickr.

Brits flood B.C. in search of new beginnings

If you talk to most Brits in Vancouver they’ll tell you of a general malcontent that pervades British life. Even though most live ostensibly privileged lives, they fail to wake up feeling healthy or happy, and this means that something is missing.