Giant bubblegums - Photo by Chelsea Nesvig, Flickr

Gumballs: that’s my first memory of Vancouver

The Mount Pinatubo eruption of 1991 made headlines; made records for the second largest volcanic eruption of the twentieth century and made a future in Canada a permanent reality for me. Swept in a stream of flowing lava, my sister and I landed on Vancouver’s doorstep. Ok, fine – we flew. [Read more…]

Will Adrian Dix

B.C.’s 1 per cent take note: Occupy’s not over yet

I’m writing this column on B.C. politics from New York City, the morning after spending a night in Zuccotti Park, the birthplace of Occupy Wall Street. I joined a few hundred occupiers who spent St. Patrick’s Day marking six months since the beginning of the movement that has reshaped political discourse across North America. [Read more…]

Picture by Jan Hilario

Community Portrait: False Creek

Located in the heart of Vancouver, False Creek is a short inlet, separating downtown from the rest of the city. One of the four major bodies of water bordering Vancouver, False Creek is spanned by three bridges: the Burrard Street bridge, Granville Street bridge, and Cambie Street bridge. [Read more…]