Celebrating 4/20: Issues and Ideas

April 20th marks another yearly celebration of marijuana culture in Vancouver and across the world, and as such it creates an opportune moment to examine the complex relationship that our communities have with this little green plant. [Read more…]

Korean school girls. Photo by Marcella Bona, Flickr.

My sense of belonging

As much as I belong everywhere, I don’t belong anywhere. I’ve lost my footing on my origin and now I float in a giant limbo. Is this a common phenomenon in Canada, the giant melting pot of cultures? It is often the easiest thing to do: to lose sight of your motherland and convince yourself that you belong everywhere. It is almost an inevitable characteristic of all living organisms. We change to adapt and we evolve.[Read more…]

Holocaust remembered locally

You can only run so far before you’re forced to confront your past. But Alex Buckman, 72, isn’t running away from anything. As a Holocaust survivor he came to terms with his past years ago, and now runs for sport, but also to cope with the atrocities of the Nazis during and after WWII. [Read more…]