Cuisine of South America

Fresh tortillas at the Chichicastanengo Market in Guatemala.

In its September 11 issue, The Source Newspaper published a photo mosaic of Jan Hilario’s travels through South and Central America. Here is a visual update with a food theme.

Hilario has been traveling since April, and hopes to cover as much ground as she can on her one-year trip. After South and Central America she hopes to visit Europe, Africa and Asia.

Fritanga is another name for a restaurant that specializes in authentic Nicaraguan foods. Traditional foods include white rice, beans, fried plaintain (a type of banana), queso frito (fried cheese), yucca roots with garlic butter, and cabbage salad.

Patacones, or fried green plantain slices, are also popular in Latin America, as is ceviche, a seafood dish from the coastal regions of South America. Traditionally, ceviche is made of snapper cooked with lime and lemon juice. Carachama sin Costilla, a type of armored catfish, is native to Brazil and Peru.

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Pictures by Jan Hilario