Incredible India

India, India, incredible India. You’re one country, but as vast as a continent. Everyone warned me that India would be the hardest country to travel on this trip and, I admit, there were difficult moments. Most notably, 14 hours sitting in the general class train, where the floor, the bars hanging off the seats and even my right thigh counts as a place for someone to sit. But all in all, India was so kind to me. I didn’t even get Delhi belly and I ate everything.

Jan Hilario in India

India, I feel like I just arrived and now I’ve already left. I’ll miss chai with shop owners, overnight sleeper trains and buses all over the country, the Ganges, bare feet on temple floors, colourful saris and the poise of Rajasthani women, desert nights, crashing weddings, malai kofta, ras malai, thali, Indian hospitality, the lessons of resilience and strength. India, you’re both the challenge and the reward.

Until we meet again,

Jan Hilario