The Diversity of the Christian Faith

Chinese Tabernacle Baptist Church.

Chinese Tabernacle Baptist Church.

Vibrant blooms are pushing up through the soil, and a slow but steady rise in temperature signals a season of renewal and rebirth. As Easter approaches, this is also a time for Christians to reflect on and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In Vancouver, during what’s widely considered the most important Christian holiday of the year next to Christmas, celebrations are as rich and varied as the many walks of life, cultures and families that gather to embrace it. From Anglican to Russian Orthodox to Roman Catholic; rich, middle class and poor; straight or LGBT; single- or two-parent families – the Christian faith is present in every demographic.

This Easter,a like every other, churches will welcome everyone through their doors for a traditional mass. And for everyone, everywhere, with the birth of spring and passing of winter, this is an ideal time for inspiration and a renewed sense of hope.


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Pictures by Autumn Huizenga