The Source newspaper has a new website

“The new website is a step forward in terms of usability and is compatible with new technologies such as variety of mobile devices,” says Saeed Dyanatkar, associate publisher (digital) for the Source Newspaper. “Our digital publication team (web publication and social media) are working closely together to provide our readers a better online experience.”

Notable new features include a responsive web design, which enables content to be viewed seamlessly from mobile, tablet or desktop devices, advanced search capabilities and clear links for sharing with other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

In addition to the improved visitor experience, coding improvements to the website will also allow the publishing process to be more efficient.

“Our strategy towards digital publication is based on a sustainable and steady improvement using open source and other online tools,” says Dyanatkar. “We are lucky to have knowledgeable and motivated individuals in our web publishing team.”

The web team, led by Enej Bajgoric, has been working on building the new site since last spring. Meeting every Monday, they work alternatively on keeping up with regular production schedules and developing the new site. The fact that they are all volunteers makes their dedication more meaningful.

“I couldn’t be happier with the team that I work with,” says Bajgoric, 29, who also works as a programming analyst at UBC.

Current members – Pavle C., Chelsy Greer, Luiza Libardi, Dennis Timmers – each have different strengths and motivations.

“Working with the team is my favourite part,” says Timmers, who explains that his usual academic work can be quite lonesome. Timmers, 31, is a mathematician and data scientist who graduated from UBC last April. A hobby programmer, he was looking for volunteer opportunities to pass the time when he stumbled across the Source Newspaper.

The Source Newspaper also offers opportunities for aspiring professionals to hone their skills and gain more hands-on experience.

“I think it’s pretty awesome,” says Libardi, 29, a journalist from Brazil who is studying new media and web development at BCIT. “I’ve learned a lot working [at The Source].”

Even though the site has now been launched, the energy and commitment of the team continues unabated.

New projects on the horizon might include a newsletter, better page views, bigger buttons and swiping features, to name a few.

“It’s never really a finished product,” says Bajgoric. “We are always looking for feedback and ways to improve.”