Captured Alive…Still Alive…Since the 18th Century

History has value as long as it remains alive in people’s hearts, souls, minds and educational systems. It otherwise remains buried under the notes and papers of historians, in libraries, and in national and international archives.

While it remains unclear whether this portrait belongs to the former or the latter, it does seem to awaken in any viewer great senses of shame and pride, shame of human’s evil doing and pride of people’s great deeds and actions.

After you watch the story of Ayuba Soleiman Diallo, you will be able to appreciate human’s basic survival and freedom quest instincts.


Dr. Maher Bahloul holds a PhD in Linguistics from Cornell University. He was recently a Visiting Professor at UBC and he is an Associate Professor at the American University of Sharjah where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses within the Department of English.