For Your Interest: Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner. Real Shoes. Real Innovation.

Image: RCA. adidas Yeezy Foam RNNR, Yeezy Supply. Terra, Luciano Emanuel Silva. Algae, Captain Skyhawk. Box, Yeezy Mafia. Kanye West, Dejan Pralica.

The shoe of last summer, fall and this spring is about to become the shoe of this summer and fall (again) in 2021.

First released in June 2020, the adidas Yeezy Foam RNNR (runner) was designed by Kanye West along with shoe wizard Steve Smith and sold out within minutes of going “live” on the web and in-store last year. Made from one piece of harvested algae and EVA (foam), the slip-on shoe is part of the adidas corporation’s global promise on innovation and environmental sustainability.
By 2024, the company plans to use recycled materials in every product to manage its environmental impact and reduce its carbon footprint. The program will extend to all parts of the brand’s business including design, manufacturing, distribution and retail stores.

Half fossil, half future-space looking shoe, public and internet opinion was intense and split 50/50 down the middle when the first images of the Foam RNNR were “leaked” back in 2019. Online, the style captains vs fashion-police debate ranged from “Ugly AF” to “Hell No” and OMG, must have a pair!”

Packaged in a plain brown recycled cardboard box with simple branding on the inside and priced at $75 USD, each of the next two shades also sold out. Prices on the resell/resale market for the first, all white (Ararat), model are now sitting at $950+ USD. Strange looks aside, the main reason for the one-of-a-kind shoe’s popularity (besides the Kanye cosign and Instagram likes) is the cozy, rubber-like softness and flexibility of the foam. It’s comfort with a capital C, plus two extra climate karma points for also being low density and non toxic.

Two weeks ago, manufacturing and sustainable product took another step forward with the launch and sale of the more “normal” looking and lower priced ($55) Yeezy slides in 3 earth tone colours: pure (grey), core (chocolate), and resin (sage), also made from the same planet-friendly algae + EVA formula. In fast tradition, these were also “no longer available” within 5 minutes.

The next piece in the Adidas/Kanye green-tech, low-carbon, consumer goods puzzle is a string of return dates on the Summer and Fall 2021 calendar for the exclusive Foam RUNNER, this time in dark blue*(mineral), ochre and bright red.* (vermillion). 
Normally produced in low key beige-y & neutral colours, the streets and the internet have already bookmarked the launch times and nicknamed the upcoming cherry version the “Yeezy Red October.” [Not to be confused with a different basketball style Nike shoe with the same name] Early reaction shows it will be the most wanted and popular of all the Foam Runners so far. Expect the same overwhelming demand and even higher after-market prices. (*subject to change)

Further forward on the environmentally-focused footwear horizon, streetwear pirate group Yeezy Mafia leaked new mock-up pictures of the the next-generation 2.0 RNNR model last month. The upcoming design looks even more eye-opening than the original and takes full advantage of the lightweight, padded properties of the materials, featuring a spooky, sea creature shape with curved waves in place of ridges and holes.

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