Krow’s Transformation to screen for government to celebrate international transgender day of visibility

The relatable struggles of youth, to discover one’s true authentic self in order to gain confidence for adulthood, are heightened by gender identity conflict. To mark the International Trans Day of Visibility (Mar 31), the award-winning documentary Krow’s TRANSformation will have its theatrical premiere at Vancouver’s Cineworks Mar 24.

“We made this film as a learning tool for Questioning & Trans kids that are scared. What we did not see coming was the huge impact it is making on the Heterosexual/Cisgender community, educating and even evoking empathy,” says Gina Hole Lazarowich, Vancouver-based writer/producer of Krow’s TRANSformation.

Krow’s TRANSformation documents the lives and experiences of three trans subjects: internationally recognized Canadian fashion model Krow Kian, his friends Kas and Ashton, and their families.

Photo courtesy of Know’s TRANSformation

Crossroads of life

At the age of 12 Krow started a career as a fashion model, but struggled deeply with his gender identity throughout his youth. Despite the attention and praise, he never felt fully comfortable. He knew from childhood he was meant to be a boy.

At 18, Krow embarked on the journey towards physically becoming a man: cutting off his ponytail and pausing his career as a model in order to begin the process of transitioning.

Shot over three years of honest interviews and life transitions, we witness the continual challenges faced by Krow, including hormones and surgeries.

As he grew in confidence in his new body, he returned to his career in the fashion industry, taking his first ever job as a male model along with an epic journey to the runway of Paris Fashion Week.

Raising awareness

The project began as an educational tool for schools, but its reach has extended across the world.

More than one in four trans people have faced a bias-driven assault and death.

“I have been involved in politics for a long time, and I feel, as do the subjects of the film, that it is best to ‘start at the top’ in government and with the prime minister,” says Lazarowich, “in hopes that it will spark some empathy that flows down to constituents and into their policies. With what is happening in the US with Trangender rights, there is NO better time than now to get our Canadian government on board!”

Trans people face extraordinary levels of verbal, physical and sexual violence. This important film screening and conversation takes place on the eve of International Trans Day of Visibility, a day dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of transgender and gender nonconforming people, while raising awareness of the work we all need to do for trans justice.

First stop: Ottawa

The documentary will have a special private event screening, coordinated by Lazarowich, in Ottawa (Mar 30) before members of parliament, senators, and with an invitation out to the prime minister.

“We come with hope that Parliament will raise the Trans flag in support of International Trans Day of Visibility on the 31st, and that the Krow’s TRANSformation screening on the 30th will be an enlightening way to educate and celebrate this important day around the world,” says Lazarowich. “Having the film screen in Parliament, and be available to audiences in Vancouver and globally means more people will have the tools necessary to understand the LGBTQ2IA+ communities.”

Krow’s TRANSformation was filmed in Vancouver and Victoria, BC and Paris, France. The film was also executive produced by OUTtv’s Brad Danks, Philip Webb and Tony Lazarowich.

The film had its world premiere as the opening night film for the Raindance Film Festival in London.

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