Cultural Calendar

The latter half of November is a time to embrace the spirit of togetherness and the magic of the upcoming holiday season. It’s a time when the city’s events and festivals offer a warm and vibrant escape from the encroaching winter chill, inviting residents and visitors alike to partake in the rich cultural offerings that make this city truly exceptional. Whether a film festival, musical performance or theatre play, there is something for everyone!

* * *

Paper Play

Nov. 4–25

Collage is often thought of as a modern artistic technique. The word collage – from the French verb coller, meaning “to stick” – was first used to describe the Cubist innovations of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, who began to stick newspaper cuttings and other materials onto their canvases in 1912. The Paper Play exhibition features artists from both Canada and the United States, bringing some new artists to the gallery and to share the perspective of these artists in our city. And even though we live in an age of advanced technology and AI, all the artists featured in this exhibition cut paper and use glue to make their artwork. There will be an artist talk on Nov. 18 at 2 p.m. which is free and open to the public.

* * *

Billy Bishop Goes to War

Nov. 14–18

From feats of daring down into the trenches to flying up to the skies, through the halls of Buckingham Palace, to inside the human spirit, Billy Bishop Goes to War follows the incredible adventures of Canada’s greatest World War 1 flying ace. ACE Productions has brought a fresh interpretation to one of Canada’s most enduring plays, making this musical so full of humour, hellfire and the boldness of an extraordinary career of this military hero. Join Billy Bishop as he reconciles the ecstasy of flying with the horrors of war, in this captivating show.

* * *

Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival

Nov. 14–19

The VIMFF connects the global outdoor community with international filmmakers, creators and speakers, so that they can inspire, entertain and bring mountain adventure into the homes of viewers. The festival offers mountain film screenings, live multimedia presentations, photography exhibitions, workshops, seminars & other special events. Get inspired for your next adventure with 25 of the best mountain films of the year. For tickets and showtimes, check out the festival’s website.

* * *

Neurodivergent Artist Collective Exhibition

Nov. 15–26

The Neurodivergent Artist Collective is a new collaborative effort by neurodivergent artists in Vancouver to take space in a neurotypical world and works to dismantle invisible inequities in contemporary art spaces. Members of the collective self-identify as neurodivergent and have felt alienated from engaging in the arts due to barriers such as a lack of access. The collective aims to be a safe space for folks facing socio-economic barriers, from differing cultural backgrounds, and of all sexual orientations and gender identities. There will be an opening reception on Nov. 17. Check out the collective’s website for more information.

* * *

The Spinsters

Nov. 16–18

The Ugly Stepsisters cordially invite you back to the Palace, just like the good old days. Doesn’t everyone love a ball? The pageantry, the elegance, the romance… but their ball, their rules and the world’s most infamous step-siblings are ready to dish the dirt. What scandals hide within the glittering facade? What was Cinderella really like? Are the stepsisters really vapid? Vindictive?… Victims? The Spinsters is a seductive feast featuring mesmerizing movement, magical dresses, and stunning shadow puppetry. It’s a deliciously disruptive dark comedy for adults brought to life by some of the most innovative designers and creators from across Western Canada. For more information, check out the Shadbolt Theatre website.

* * *

Louis Armstrong & Friends

Nov. 17–18, 8 p.m.

The great Louis Armstrong collaborated with virtually every major musical star of the 20th century including Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington and so many others. With that endearing Louis Armstrong spirit and one of a kind charisma, Byron Stripling and vocalist Carmen Bradford perform famous classics from the Great American Songbook and recreate the magical moments of the greatest legend of jazz! Check out the symphony’s website for more info.

* * *


Nov. 17–25

What do you do when you’re terrified of what you love to do? Charlie is a talented young actor but can no longer act. To figure out why, she must navigate through a dreamscape of clashing voices and fractured memories – all while a pack of weasels haunts her steps. Weasel is about finding the courage to face your fears and is described by Broadway World – Edmonton as a play that “conveys powerful messages of strength and resilience.” For more information about the play, check out the CapU website.

* * *

Positively Petite: Annual Miniature Exhibition

Nov. 17–Dec. 21

Positively Petite is an annual exhibition unique to Place des Arts that showcases small artwork created by local artists. All two-dimensional artwork on exhibit is 30 square inches or smaller and all three-dimensional artwork is 60 cubic inches or smaller. This year’s show features artworks in various mediums including painting, ceramics, fibre arts, sculpture, photography, printmaking, etching and mixed media from 38 local artists. The pieces in this exhibition make unique gifts for the art lover on your list or those you want to introduce to the beautiful world of art. All purchases directly support cultural programming at Place des Arts and the exhibiting artists.

* * *

Taraf Syriana-Sergiu Popa & Friends

Nov. 21, 8 p.m.

This masterful lineup of artists from around the world features music from Sephardic Jewish, Syrian and Roma / Eastern European traditions. The group includes legendary Romani accordionist Sergiu Popa, acclaimed Sephardic cellist Noémy Braun, Nizar Tabcharani on qanun, tombek player Bijan Rahmani, and vocalist Parisa Karimi Molan. Described as “Expressive and emotional… played with absolute brilliance by a group of amazingly talented musicians” the band is especially relevant “in a world that unfortunately seems to be becoming more and more divisive, this beautiful work of art that celebrates people coming together is definitely a must hear.” For Taraf Syriana’s debut in Vancouver, they will be premiering a new program that will also showcase rarely heard Sephardic songs from Syria.

* * *

Blood Wedding

Nov. 23–Dec. 3

Recognized for his surreal and socialist works, Lorca’s Blood Wedding is a tragedy of love, repression and duty. Set in rural Spain, a bride is torn between her fiancé and her former lover, and must balance feuds between the families. Blood Wedding is a deeply poetic play that explores the isolation of loyalty versus personal freedom. For tickets and more information, please check out the Studio 58 website.

* * *


Nov. 24–26

Pi Theatre, as part of its Provocateurs Series, will be presenting Deafy from Friday, Nov. 24 to Sunday, Nov. 26 at the VIFF Studio Theatre in Vancouver. Deaf public speaker, ‘Nathan Jesper,’ has arrived at his venue desperately late. As he launches into his speech, he soon realizes that things are not what they seem. A new play by Deaf artist Chris Dodd, Deafy skillfully combines ASL, subtitles and the spoken word to weave together a tragicomedy that takes the audience on an unexpected journey of discovering what it really means to belong.

* * *

Festa D’Autunno

Nov. 25, 6 p.m.

Join the Circolo Abruzzese of Vancouver for a vibrant and joyous autumn celebration – the “Festa d’Autunno”! Immerse yourself in the beauty of the autumn season, as they come together to honour the rich Abruzzese heritage, delicious cuisine and the changing colours of the fall. Indulge in a feast of authentic Abruzzese dishes prepared by the talented chefs at the Italian Centre. From savoury pasta dishes to delectable desserts, the menu is a journey through the flavours of Italy.