Where are the women?

Some may have recognized the question posed by singer Patrick Juvet many years ago. Well, it seems that part of an answer to that question could be located in political headquarters. More specifically, here in Canada, in the offices reserved for female Premiers. I must be explicit on gender in order to reflect the Canadian reality.

Hope rises for the Conservatives following by-election results

The three by-elections that took place across the country on November 26, including one in Victoria, show two things: Prime Minister Harper’s troops are losing some battles, and yet he can still have a good night’s sleep. I know this might seem contradictory, so let me explain.

The American electoral machine is in perpetual motion

In a previous column, I wrote that Obama sorely needed the votes of young Americans if he were to win the election. With sixty per cent of their votes favoring him, it happened. In fact, and we know this now, Obama got the highest score with pretty well everybody, except with men, whites and the elderly.