University study finds prejudice in hiring practices

Simon Fraser University has released a comprehensive study on discriminatory recruiting practices in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. The research project, which was conducted by the Metropolis British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Diversity, concludes that employment recruiters tend to favour applicants with English names over applicants with Indian or Asian names. They also tend to regard a new Canadian’s application as less qualified, even if their international experience and academic qualifications, from high-ranking foreign universities, match those of English applicants. [Read more…]

Occupy Vancouver – an electoral twist

In many cities around the world, citizens have been regrouping under the “occupy” dictum, as is the case for the group camping out in front of the Vancouver Art gallery, known as Occupy Vancouver. That Vancouver finds itself “occupied” is nothing surprising. In fact, the opposite would have been surprising. But what is frankly jarring is the minuscule size of this group of campers compared to other groups around the world. [Read more…]