Vancouver: open, but not so open

What brought me to Vancouver is neither poverty nor the hope for a better life or even solid projects. Nope, boredom did. The fatigue from seeing my beloved France going back to its old demons, career prospects as empty as an ice field on a foggy evening, or a love life as exciting as a five hour documentary on stamp collecting in Victorian England. [Read more…]

Letter to the Editor

Upon reading a recent article about the active Syrian community (as there are many who are not active) and Sawsan Habbal, [I’d like to make] several inferences. One of those is that the people of Syria don’t need freedom and democracy. [Read more…]

Cerry blossoms. Photo by Aki Salminen

Cherry blossoms are here – time for celebration

The spectacular cherry tree-lined boulevards in the West End are the first signs of spring. And April is the month to celebrate the cherry blossoms. “For [the] Japanese, cherry blossoms are the symbol of new entrance and hope,” says Mari Honma, principal of Vancouver Japanese Language School and Japanese Hall. [Read more…]