Behind the Source

Custom has always dictated that each community ·possess its own newspaper. As a community beacon, this type of newspaper plays an essential role. lt is an integral part of a social circle it helps anchor us and provides direction in a great metropolis like Vancouver. This is especially true when a community newspaper serves neighbourhoods that are defined according to their ethnic origins or by order of the residents’ arrival. The community newspaper helps create a distinguished identity, easily recognized by others.

Far from going against that well-established principle, The Source (Tom Thumb of the community press), finds its raison d’etre in the cosmopolitan character of our city and intends to focus closely on the news of the various communities which make up our cultural mosaic. The Source, a bilingual paper, is meant to complement the existing community newspapers using both of Canada’s official languages. It will investigate major events in all communities, with the hope of establishing bridges between them.

Our work begins right with the editorial staff, who will be revisiting and reporting on their own cultures. And because this paper is first and foremost your newspaper, we offer you Verbatim, a forum for those wishing to share their experiences with culture shock here or elsewhere. Beatriz Garcia-Arteaga, who was born and raised in Mexico and has lived in Canada for several years, sets the tone for the first edition. Be part of the next edition yourself!

We will never forget that your ideas are the driving forces behind The Source.

Mamadou Gangué
Founding Publisher and Editor-in-Chief