Everyone is prejudiced

Finally here is the first issue of our Source, and more specifically its business page.    Is the subject matter business, the economy, or simply business people journeys in British Columbia? We hope to offer you, every two weeks, our thoughts about the business and economie worlds in our environment that is so varied. We want to introduce the dynamic communities of Vancouver to you.    Multiculturalism is, by definition, to favour communication between many cultures. We must communicate among us so as to be able to understand each other, help each other and who knows? Talk with each other. Too many problems are raised once several cultures meet. It is sometimes enough to be with only one other person for differences to come up, usually for lack of understanding what make each other “tick”. We intend to build bridges between the business communities, to make sure that we continue    facilitating    the    several dialogues that have started, or that will start if we keep our word and then, let there be light.    It is possible that we will be able to foster feelings of respect, created not by distance, but rather by collaboration and proximity. After ali, do we not live in the same region?

We think the news given by television, the Internet and the written media is essential to understand a world that has become complex. However, those media have their own agenda. Ours is different and maybe simpler.    Business is a global culture within which individual groups, be they economie or cultural have developed patterns and practices that affect us all. We accept the challenge to explore, experience and report on these pursuits. Many will be unfamiliar to you. the reader. Ail will be offered as tools for understanding. A wise person said that when one ceases to learn one must retire. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it constitutes the “Force” among us. It is the dimension that will allow us to tickle your interest.    Our curiosity will, we hope, become yours and we aim to raise issues that are important to you, as business people.

Write to us, communicate your opinions, your ideas.